Fair Trade Princeton is a local organization that aims to create consumer awareness about Fair Trade, a market-based system that justly compensates farmers and workers around the world. The movement will provide countless families with better economic and social opportunities by expanding their knowledge of the global market and guaranteeing fair prices.


While Fair Trade operates on a global scale, an indispensable element on the path to achieving our aims is the support of local consumers. Your purchase of Fair Trade Certified goods here in Princeton helps build sustainable communities abroad. Support our mission by looking for Fair Trade Certified labels on your purchases and staying updated through our website and social media.

Thanks to Fair Trade, I sent my son to college to study engineering after my husband passed away. I was struggling to meet expenses with a single income. Without the assistance, I couldn’t have managed it. I am thankful to everybody behind this for helping people like us dream big.
— Smt. Alli, tea garden worker
The association has trucks, tractors and infrastructure that help us save money and also get financing during the harvest. Before, we needed to sell our belongings, like cows, pigs and furniture, in order to get money for renting transport and hiring workers.
— Dario Cabral

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